GrrlPunch is an online magazine made for grrls, by grrls, but not limited to girls. A grrl is a leader seeking to empower others through their personal art form. He or she is someone who is unafraid to speak up and speak out, but in an educated, conversational manner. A grrl would never speak with ill-intent or use their voice to tear others down. GrrlPunch is a compilation of those insightful and inspiring words created by our grrls, through our board of contributors and reader submissions. These are our opinions, joys, fears, questions, goals, and memories. We share them to highlight the importance of what women have to say.
Calling all GrrlPunchers!!!
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Lucy Hargrove

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Emily Zachry

Managing Editor

Catt Weglicki

Co-artistic Editor

Jada Akoto

Co-Artistic Editor

Christina McBride

Social Media Editor


Alex Palacios

You could most likely find Alex in a library with her nose in a book or daydreaming about her next story.

Aly Brandon

Aly's a girl who spends too much time obsessing over cats, fan-girling, and trying out new curly hair products.

Cecilia DiMeglio

Cecilia goes to SAA, is slightly obsessed with Post Malone and enjoys playing with dogs in her spare time.

Chelsea Larson

Chelsea loves dogs and The Office and would probably rather be at a park right now.

Grace Korsmo

A pacific northwest girl, Grace loves [good] coffee, [good] books and rainy days.

Grace Lee

Grace is an author for GrrlPunch, and she's addicted to doing her eyebrows.

Jailenn Scott

Jailenn is the number one fan of the potato and Shia LaBeouf.

Jean Jackson

Jean: a melanin poppin', YouTube lovin', K-pop extraordinaire.

Jordan Cardell

Jordan has over forty scrunchies, is not a particular fan of Hawaiian pizza and says "yeet" way too much.

Langston Myers

Langston spends most of her time writing and binge watching Stranger Things…never at the same time. 

Lauren Asam

Lauren is a seventeen-year-old Michigander who wants to start a revolution with words and a pen.

Lucy Callicott

Lucy is an author for Grrlpunch and isn't ever afraid to make a fool of herself for a little fun!

Maddie Howe

Madeleine is an actress, singer and a professional ice cream scooper. She has a strange obsession with cows and an insane love for all music.

Mia Wilson

If you buy Mia makeup, green tea, tickets to a broadway show, and/or a guitar, she will love you forever.

Nina Kumar

If she had extra hours in a day, Nina would try to create her own tea blends because her wish in life is to truly capture the essence of a fictional character in a tea.

Olivia Zavitson

Olivia is a three times published novelist with a passion for fine cheese, Dolly Parton and soul claps.

Raven Wilson

Horoscope Writer

Raven is California raised, Montana refined and Memphis rejuvenated. Her heart is happiest when she's hiking in the woods, writing poetry or casting spells.

Reed Winckler

Reed is an ambassador for GrrlPunch, and she really likes ice cream and sleeping in the car.

Sabrina Spence

Sabrina can't reach most of the top shelves in her house, but she fills the gap by *mostly* writing weird poems for Grrlpunch.

Sage Scott

Sage is just a renaissance grrl with nostalgia for decades she has never lived in.

Samantha Finley

Sam is a NYC girl but her heart is in California. She’s a poet who knows it and loves to read anything by Lang Leav.

Samantha Lee

Samantha is a really cool, interesting, fun person! That’s it, no need to do any further digging. Let’s just stop here.

Sarah Boxer

Sarah loves writing almost as much as she loves spending her time at the nearest D.C. art museum, farmer’s market or political rally.

Savannah Young

I’m a libra who is a mama to a three legged cat, a four legged cat, and a snake. I love opals, Post Malone, and nature - especially waterfalls.

Sidney Parish

Sidney is just a girl with an atrocious obsession with Post Malone and a burning passion for the revival of Vine.

Taylor Stone

As the world around me is constantly changing a few things in my life remain the same: my love for iced coffee with too much cream, the huge pile of books I’ve read (or want to read) in my bedroom, and my passion for journalism.

Tess Lee

Tess is a queer, femme astrologer based in Florida. When they are not blogging or doing chart readings they are spending time on YouTube watching mukbang vids.

Zoe Boggs

Zoe writes for Grrlpunch in between making Spotify playlists she only listens to once and being anal about her hair.


Abigail Snow

Abigail is an abstract and surrealist artist that loves Dostoevsky, indie folk records, and being extra.

Anna Kate Horton

I adore sheep, horror manga, experimental music and hoarding small, meaningful objects. Ask about my guardian angels, they show up in my artwork sometimes.

Angela Xu

Angela is an avid artist who's probably obsessing over cute aesthetic things and secretly a master at Fireboy and Watergirl. 

Ellen Nikbakht

Ellen is going to be in college forever, but she's having fun doodling and dressing up in the meantime. 

Hope Taylor

Hope is an artist who loves plants, frogs and bad jokes. She is super passionate about female-fronted rock and feminism.

Izzy Gregan

Izzy is a real life Magical girl and illustrator

Jazmine Boykins

Buy Jazmine a bouquet of sunflowers and she'll love you forever.

K Kroencke

I'm an art-making, song-singing, poem-writing, Bi boss lady

Katy Cotten

Katy enjoys mom jeans, Napoleon Dynamite and playing music. You will usually see her at a rehearsal.

KC Hamant

KC is a makeup loving art student who also works as an esthetician. She is trying her best.

Lauren Ledger

Lauren spends most of her time pretending to be people she is not at local playhouses. Her subconscious favorite colors are red, orange and yellow and she will not drink a hot drink...even if it is cold out.

Layna Hayes

Layna's favorite color is pink. She has never broken a bone and can lick her elbow

Lily Cloud

Lily has a passion for girls, grrls, animals, makeup, art and equality. Plus, she really enjoys a good bath.  

Maloree Powers

Maloree has more plants in her room than she can count on two hands

Meredith Hood

Meredith makes messes and moved from Memphis to Massachusetts. Say that five times fast.

Molly Allen

In her spare time, Molly likes to draw, paint, listen to music/go to concerts and watch movies, as well as volunteer at her local art gallery/museum

Nat Ware

Nat is a blue-haired Portland kid who does nothing but start new art projects and drink chai lattes.

Olivia Dailey

Olivia enjoys buying books she'll never read, making art and listening to her favorite band, The White Stripes.

Syd Sanders

Syd is an illustrator at GrrlPunch. She is a self proclaimed dweeb, comic book aficionado, and aspiring story artist.

Photographers & Videographers

Brenna Pepke

All Brenna wants to do in life is find the connections that humanity shares, make them known and give them a voice.

Jordan Grimaldi

Jordan is new to film photography so what the heck, here it goes! She also loves writing, distance running and hummingbirds.

Raine Hood

Raine's obsession over records, cameras and concerts has led her to an empty wallet.

Vivian Gray

Vivian puts photos and videos out there sometimes.

Vivian Gray

Savannah is a freelance photographer who is always looking for new things to see and places to go. She also has a love for animals and music.